I’ve gotten back the rights for my alternate history thriller, Exchange, and will soon be re-releasing it with a new cover (and you get a sneak peek here!) At the same time, I’m thinking of making some minor tweaks to the cover of Book Two in the Exchange universe, Devouring Wind, to maybe make it a better match to the exciting new cover for Exchange.

And that’s where you come in. Help me decide if I should keep the original cover of Devouring Wind, or go with the newer look.

Here’s how to enter:

Look over both covers below and vote for either Original (green lettering) or New (yellow lettering). Enter a comment. That’s it! And while you’re here, scroll down for a sneak peek at the new cover for Exchange!

Here’s what’s in it for you:

One e-book version each of Exchange and Devouring Wind (with the new covers!) will be awarded to one randomly selected person who votes AND COMMENTS below. The e-book will be awarded from Smashwords in the format of your choice. You must include an email address where I can reach you when the voting closes.


The winner will be selected on Saturday, June 18th and notified as soon after as possible. The award will be given as soon as the new versions are available on Smashwords.

Thank you, and good luck!

Original                                                                                                         New

devouringwindwithshadow                                             DW-FINAL








Here’s the blurb for Devouring Wind:

“They’re coming for us, from the sky and emptiness.” Ten months ago, technology guru Sharon Mack and her autistic and strangely prescient daughter Bethany were trapped in the wild alternate version of Earth called Bear Country. They took refuge at Fort Eegan, an outpost built by a peculiar cult with mysterious ties to the US government. Now a new Exchange brings terrifying new consequences.

The new Exchange blocks Fort Eegan’s water supply, threatening deprivation now and catastrophic floods in the future. It also pits Fort Eegan against beings with superior technology, inhuman ruthlessness and a weapon capable of devouring everything in its path, including Fort Eegan.

In spite of the danger from the new Exchange, the humans of Bear Country are nearing a war with one another. Ruthless escaped convicts hold hundreds of women hostage. With supplies dwindling, they eye Fort Eegan’s already limited resources. Inside and outside the fort, conflicts fester among the isolated humans, including a deadly love triangle. Fort Eegan’s only hope is to unite before it is blown away by the devouring winds.

BONUS! A sneak peek at the new cover for the first book in the Exchange universe, Exchange!


Exchanges temporarily swap town-sized chunks our reality with pieces of an alternate reality where humans didn’t make it through an ancient bottleneck. Our risk-averse, bubble-wrap society suddenly has a frontier again. With little warning, a town can be in a land where sabertooths, giant bears and even more dangerous creatures still roam, a wild, dangerous place people can go to start a new life if they’re brave or crazy enough.

When her town is caught in an Exchange, computer guru Sharon Mack has to fight giant predators, escaped convicts, and a
mysterious cult to rescue her kidnapped daughter before the Exchange ends, trapping them forever.