Dale Cozort



Romance author, fond of gothic romances, dark brooding heroes, shiny things, and bourbon.

Book Review: The Red Napoleon

Author:  Floyd Gibbons

RedNapoleonIt is 1932. Stalin has been assassinated. The Red Army has taken over and launched a massive military buildup. In late 1932, the Red Napoleon does a tricky mobilization that makes the Russian Army temporarily the largest in the world. On January 2, 1933, the Red Army moves west. Continue reading “Book Review: The Red Napoleon”

Book Review: Conquest of the United States Series

Author: H. Irving Hancock

It is 1920. The Germans have defeated the US fleet and landed an army in New England. Through the rest of book 1 the US army puts up a heroic and very shrewd fight, but still gets clobbered and chased out of New England. The army survives in spite of being outnumbered and outgunned. Continue reading “Book Review: Conquest of the United States Series”

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