It was a routine murder investigation, except the main suspect walked out of a mud hole she didn’t walk into leaving blood and footprints that weren’t quite human.Char of the Real People is the ultimate smart outsider, a brilliant young woman, but is she smart enough to survive in modern society when she is plucked from her stone-age reality and becomes a fugitive, the main suspect in a modern murder investigation? How much can a stone-age woman understand about us by the sheer power of her mind? How long can she escape the law enforcement net closing around her? Learn More

alltimelineswithshadowAll Timelines Lead to Rome

When the modern US opens gates to an alternate reality where the Roman Empire never fell and Europeans never reached the Americas, an entire new world opens up to us, rich, uncrowded, unpolluted and horribly vulnerable to disease and exploitation.

All Timelines Lead to Rome is a unique, action-filled novel in a world unlike any other.  Powerful forces try to protect the alternate reality, while others work to exploit it, creating a mystery spanning the U.S. rustbelt, the surviving Roman empire and an alternate North America where Indians still thrive. Learn More


Alternate realities you can fly to.

For eighty million years, the Tourists have taken Snapshots of Earth, creating living replicas of continents. Life in the Snapshots quickly diverges from the real world, creating a universe where humans and animals from Earth’s history fly between Snapshots, exploring, fighting, and sometimes meeting themselves.

In 2014, the Tourists’ newest Snapshot catches Middle East Analyst Greg Dunne rushing toward Hawaii to join his wife, who just went into labor. The new Snapshot doesn’t include Hawaii, cutting Greg off from everyone he loves.

Greg is thrust into the aftermath of a hidden, decades-old massacre, where Germans from a pre-World War II European Snapshot battle ranchers from a Korean War-era U.S. Snapshot. The prize: an ancient, wild Madagascar Snapshot. Whoever controls it can fly to Snapshots where dinosaurs still roam, Indians rule the New World or Nazis or Soviets control Europe.

Caught between powerful opponents, and joined by a woman nearly driven mad by her past, Greg struggles to survive in this cutthroat new reality, to remain faithful to a family he may never see again, and to find a way back to his original Earth.

Set in a unique universe and played out in the shadows of larger social and technological issues, Snapshot is a fast-paced story of power and revenge, and an intriguing speculation of what we might have become. Learn More

Athena-FINAL-LIVEWrath of Athena (A Snapshot Novella)

A fly-by-night petting zoo lands in Madagascar-24M, the Snapshot of Madagascar the Tourists made 24 million years ago, and promptly finds itself slapped in quarantine. After all, exotic animals from off-Snapshot are a risk, for people, local wildlife, and the environment.

Scott Hardy’s title may be Assistant Veterinary Engineer, but his actual job is shoveling crap out of cages and protecting the “talent”—the nubile youths hired to run the petting zoo.

That doesn’t include protecting the zoo’s star performer, Athena Anders, Hardy’s redheaded, volatile, dish-hurling, on-again-off-again girlfriend. Not because Athena isn’t talented, but because she does just fine taking care of herself. The one thing Athena really loves are the zoo’s stars, a pair of talking dinosaurs. Then the dinosaurs go missing. And it’s mating season.

The only thing worse than the havoc a pair of breeding dinosaurs can create on an unprotected, unsuspecting world? The wrath of Athena when she finds out who’s responsible. Learn More


Exchanges temporarily swap town-sized chunks our reality with pieces of an alternate reality where humans didn’t make it through an ancient bottleneck. Our risk-averse, bubble-wrap society suddenly has a frontier again. With little warning, a town can be in a land where sabertooths, giant bears and even more dangerous creatures still roam, a wild, dangerous place people can go to start a new life if they’re brave or crazy enough.

When her town is caught in an Exchange, computer
guru Sharon Mack has to fight giant predators, escaped convicts, and a mysterious cult to rescue her kidnapped daughter before the Exchange ends, trapping them forever. Learn More

devouringwindwithshadowDevouring Wind (Exchange Book 2)

“They’re coming for us, from the sky and emptiness.” Ten months ago, technology guru Sharon Mack and her autistic and strangely prescient daughter Bethany were trapped in the wild alternate version of Earth called Bear Country. They took refuge at Fort Eegan, an outpost built by a peculiar cult with mysterious ties to the US government. Now a new Exchange brings terrifying new consequences.

The new Exchange blocks Fort Eegan’s water supply, threatening deprivation now and catastrophic floods in the future. It also pits Fort Eegan against beings with superior technology, inhuman ruthlessness and a weapon capable of devouring everything in its path, including Fort Eegan.

In spite of the danger from the new Exchange, the humans of Bear Country are nearing a war with one another. Ruthless escaped convicts hold hundreds of women hostage. With supplies dwindling, they eye Fort Eegan’s already limited resources. Inside and outside the fort, conflicts fester among the isolated humans, including a deadly love triangle. Fort Eegan’s only hope is to unite before it is blown away by the devouring winds. Learn More

The First Exchange Sampler & Companion

exchangecompanionwithshadowExchanges swap town-sized chunks of our reality with pieces of a wild, untamed alternate universe. This is a collection of short stories and essays set in that universe. The short stories/novellas include:

  • Winston: When a very smart bear escapes into our reality, he may change it forever.
  • Freedom: Exchanges are the ultimate way to get away from it all, to an alternate reality with no people, no bureaucrats, no taxes. But freedom has its price.
  • Bat Out of Hell: Bats from an alternate reality are potent bio-weapons in the wrong hands. Now terrorists are about to buy a breeding pair.

Learn More

americanindianwithshadowAmerican Indian Victories

Have you ever wondered what would have ever happened if events in the past had gone differently? Have you ever wished that the American Indians hadn’t gotten the short end of the stick? American Indian Victories delivers over twenty realistic, well researched alternative history scenarios where the American Indians do significantly better than they did historically, along with a fiction excerpt set in world where Europeans never reached the New World and a novelette set in New England’s most bitter Indian war. Scenarios include:

  • What if the advanced Indian civilizations of Mexico and Peru had exchanged technology and ideas before Columbus?
  • What if a civilization equivalent to the Aztecs and Incas developed in eastern North America?
  • How could one shipwrecked sailor change the fate of a continent?
  • What if Carthage had colonized Mexico before the Punic Wars?
  • What if the Spanish conquistadors had set up independent kingdoms?
  • What if the ice age animals of the New World had survived to be domesticated?

Fair warning: The scenarios make up around 80% of the book and they do assume a fair amount of interest in and knowledge of history. The fiction should work for most science fiction readers. Learn More